Louisa East Elementary School's Counselor's Corner

Welcome to the Counselor's Corner!

Louisa East Elementary is excited to welcome all new students to our school.  For student enrollment please bring the following items with you on the day you enroll your child:  
1.  Student's Birth Certificate
2.  Student's Social Security Card
3.  Proof of Residency:  Documentation with current residency proving residency in Lawrence County.  Example:  Telephone bill, electric bill, insurance statement, etc. 
4.  Immunization Record on the Kentucky Form.  If transferring from out of state, please take the immunization record to the Lawrence County Health Department and they can complete the transfer of the form.
5.  Physical Examination on the KY Form
6.  Eye Examination on the KY Form
7.  Dental Examination on the KY Form (2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades as required by law)
8.  Legal or Medical Documents - Examples: Guardianship, Custody, Emergency Protective Orders, Visitation Agreements, Divorce Documents, etc. 


Louisa East will request records from your child's previous school and may be able to obtain these documents from the previous school.  Please bring all that you have available to you at the time of enrollment to properly enroll your child at Louisa East Elementary.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 606-638-4574.

Thank you for taking an interest in your child's school counseling program and opportunities.   By clicking on the links below you will find information about the various counseling services available at LEES.  If there are questions not answered on the links, please call me at 606-638-4574. 
Thank you,
Misty Burton