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Raising Respectful Children How do we teach our children to be respectful?  We model it; we live it, so they can see and hear it!  There are different types of respect we need to teach children - respect for 1)self, 2) others, 3) property, and 4) the environment.  Over the course of the next four weeks we will share the four types of respect. Respect for Yourself Your child may have heard of the Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  If our children respect themselves, following the Golden Rule will be easier.  Research shows that children who have self-respect also are more likely to resist peer pressure.  So, how do we support our children in respecting themselves?  We use four ways to help our children practice self-respect. 1.  Know Yourself:  Ask your child what he/she does well or is proud of in his/her life.  Recognizing traits and accomplishments will raise your child's self-respect. 2. Take a Stand:  Teach your child to stand up for himself/herself when someone makes fun of him/her or puts him/her down.  3.  Stay Healthy:  Encourage your child to take care of himself/herself. Part of self-respect is keeping oneself healthy and strong.  4. Do Your Best:  When your child works hard in school, this is another example of self-respect.  Children learn what they live, so remember to show respect for yourself also.  Children are always watching and listening to those they respect and love. Source:  Home and School Connection
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